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Mar 15 2016

Postage Prices set to DECREASE


After increasing prices last May the US Postal Service is reducing prices on First Class mail beginning April 10th, 2016.


May 28 2015

USPS Postage Rate Changes Coming May 31st


On April 20th, the US Postal Service received initial acceptance a rate update. The update was originally scheduled for April 26, but was delayed due to corrections mandated by the Postal Regulatory Commission. Rates changes will be effective May 31, 2015.

Rate Update Highlights

  • Metered First Class 1oz letter increases from $0.48 to $0.485
  • First Class letter additional ounce increases from $0.21 to $0.22.
  • Postcard increases from $0.34 to $0.35.


May 7 2015

Keeping up with Google’s Latest Mobile Update

As you may have read, Google has implemented a planned change to their search algorithm giving greater importance to having a mobile-ready web site. If you have not recently updated your site, your business is likely losing mobile traffic.

What does being Mobile-Ready mean?

Google wants to see that your site width does not extend past the width of your browser window. It is also looking for fonts being of a legible size on mobile devices and that links are spaced adequately so that they are easily clicked on a phone or tablet.


May 21 2014

Bulk Mail 101

Processed Bulk Mailing

Companies across the country use direct mail to communicate with their clients. To save money on postage, businesses can use a qualified mailer to prepare their mailing lists, address their envelopes/printed pieces, and deliver it to the post office. This is often called Bulk Mail. At ECM, we do this for our clients every day!


Apr 15 2014

3 Ways YOU Can Improve Your Own Website Rankings

Improved Google Search Rankings

While maintaining proper Search Engine Optimization may be too complicated or time-intensive for a small business owner to take on themselves, there are steps that you can take yourself which will collectively help boost your search rankings. Here are three simple steps towards getting your website rankings back in the right direction: